Tuesday, August 27, 2019

World Boxing Council and RX Water deliver knockout punch with new partnership

RX Water and the World Boxing Council are joining forces to deliver a one-two punch of “medical grade hydration” and world-class sportsmanship that is changing the dynamic of boxing for athletes and their fans alike.

RX Water is proud to announce that, as part of a new partnership with the World Boxing Council, it is now the official water of the WBC.

“Weight and hydration are major topics of importance for boxers. RX Water steps into the ring to create innovative programs that will lead to fighters safety”. - Mauricio Sulaiman, WBC President

Under the guidance of President Mauricio Sulaiman, the WBC has set the benchmark in boxing when it comes to safety, health, wellness and the respect of fighters worldwide.

RX Water is now playing a pivotal role in the WBC’s transformative approach to boxing, a sport whose history dates back to Ancient Egypt and continues to inspire a global audience of millions.

RX Water in its new role will be building upon the WBC’s success with its “Weight management program,” which emphasizes the importance of hydration during training camp.

RX is also thrilled to be partnering with the WBC on its WBC Cares Program, which dispatches WBC ambassadors, including boxers, into hospitals, orphanages, disaster areas and youth centers, to inspire by example.

RX Water will also be featured this coming October at the annual WBC convention in Quintana Roo, México.

“RX Water is honored to be a part of the WBC family. We look forward to working closely together to make a positive impact inside and outside of the ring”. - David Nazar, RX Water COO

Launched in 2017, RX Water is an alkaline water infused with electrolytes. The doctor-backed company is based in Southern California and serves the Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York City metro markets.


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