PowerUp Academy, Barrio, RX Water Address Suicide Crisis Through Gaming and Social & Emotional Learning School Programs

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, September 15, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- PowerUp Academy (PUA) has teamed up with From the Barrio Foundation and RX Water. The trio is donating social and emotional learning programs utilizing gaming and Esports to parents and educators. The aim is to help combat the current youth mental health crisis which includes depression, anxiety and suicide.

The diverse group of American business, sports and education associates decided to collaborate after recognizing a trend in the rise of emotional issues during the 2020, quarantine. All are committed to the advancement, wellness and education modernization of K-12 and college students.

“At the ground level we are seeing wonderful things through hybrid learning, but also a severe lack in the bonding that face-to-face interactions bring,” explained Brian A. Williams, Chief Executive Officer of PowerUp Academy. “Many kids are hurting. We encourage districts to reach out to us because we don't want to see another tragic story about a child harming themselves.” 

Active engagement is a mandate for student success. PowerUp Academy shared that a recent study found that only 50% of students reported being actively engaged in school; and less than 50% of the over 900,000 student respondents stated they were confident about their future. PowerUp, From the Barrio Foundation and RX Water are working collaboratively with parents, educators and students to help foster sustainable educational innovation through social and emotional learning and gaming.

“We are delivering viable and tangible solutions to address the 'now' issues,” stated Dr. Robert Renteria, spokesperson for From the Barrio Foundation. “We connect and communicate with the students at their level.”

PowerUp Academy, Barrio and RX Water believe that collaborating and combining their expertise will help fuel enthusiasm for education, enterprise, and social responsibility. Fully engaged students are not only less likely to drop out, but have higher self esteem and graduation rates.

Parents and educators are invited to learn more about PowerUp Academy and their professional associates. The program uses a unique approach to remove barriers to success and impact students’ lives through education, Esports, mentorship and diverse experiences.

For additional information including how you can participate, visit PowerUp Academy Online.


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