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Dr. Robert Renteria

Over the past 13 years author and civic leader Dr. Robert Renteria has developed a bilingual book series and program that is culturally relevant.  The Barrio books resonates with the youth while promoting student achievement and at the same time providing hope.

The Barrio books have been used to motivate kids of all ages, races, religions and economic backgrounds.   These books are helping our kids with their critical thinking skills and bridging the educational gap by addressing (SEL) social and emotional learning.

The Barrio books and program inspires, helps, teaches and guides us towards equitable opportunities that develop our character to support our family’s future.  The visceral and social impact that is being made has captured the hearts, minds and imagination of both youth and adults.

The Barrio books and curriculum are being used in middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, probation, counselors, social services, juvenile detention centers, jails, prisons, homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, substance abuse programs, churches, corporations and a multiple of youth and after-school programs.

If you are a parent, teacher, counselor, probation officer, police officer, business owner, corporate executive, CEO or a concerned citizen.  Please help us to change the landscape for our youth by getting the Barrio books into the hands of as many kids as possible.

You can help us to save our kids from all the bullying, gangs, violence, drugs and school dropouts.  The Barrio books are saving and changing lives in real time, we welcome you to join us so please reach out!