From small church choir NJ to an online sensation in what seems like over night. We sat down with Angelica as she gears up for shows around North America with superstar talent “The Youngest in Charge”

As 2019 summer kicks off , we were able to sit down with the young rising star and NJ native, Angelica, also known as Angelica Music or “The Youngest in Charge”. Sporting a versatile style, Angelica’s music features a wide range from pop tunes to rap songs. At only 14 years of age Angelica’s music career has taken off to a very quick start. After her first release debuted and eclipsed over 200,000 views on YouTube, Angelica was faced with some big decisions.

Angelica’s phone began to ring and her team took phone calls and meetings they have never imagined so soon. They we’re faced with a really tough decision. As offers began to roll from big record labels such as Atlantic and Virgin began to roll in, some serious talks with Disney had begun. The offers were amazing, but they all had something in common.

“I had so many offers, but decided to pass on all of them because I want to have the freedom to say and be who I want”

Sprung from a decision not many would’ve made Angelica and her team used the momentum from her debut to take the next step in Angelica’s Music Career. As many young entertainers often have to do, Angelica has taken the next step and switched to home schooling and full-time music. With the full support of her parents, also known as her management team, Angelica continues to release music and tour with some of the top up and coming musicians like Fetty Wap, Fatboy, Tee Grizzly and many more in the industry. For one of Angelica’s very first performances she had the honor of opening up for the Legendary Aretha Franklin.

As she continues to tour, release new music and perform live Angelica sticks to what she calls a very relaxed day-of routine. “I want to be completely relaxed. On my way to the show in the car I listen to my songs that I am performing. I don’t sing along with them; I just listen closely to the beat and the words so that everything is fresh in my mind.“ Aside from the relaxing, Angelica says she likes to focus on clean meals and staying very hydrated.


“Water is very important to me, and RX water is my go to water.’’


Angelica continues to work hard and has since reached over 200,000 followers on her social media channels and some really cool features including a NYFW billboards in Manhattan. Her fan base looks up to her and and her advice to them is “ They must follow their dreams, work hard until they achieve what they want and don’t let anyone tell you that you cant do it.”

RX Water is proud to be able to help a young rising star chase her dreams and looks forward to working with Angelica and her team.

Stay tuned for a lot more and follow her journey.


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